My name is Eli Odegaard…I’m a student of New Media Communications…I’m 20.

Recently, I took a trip to Thailand that inspired me to be active in the community of humanitarian work and promoting social justice throughout the world.  A group of about 15 volunteers and myself, spent two weeks in the remote mountains of Thailand, working and connecting with the local villagers to pursue a vision of building a childrens home that will continue to allow the village to be a haven for needy children throughout the area.  It was motivating.

This blog and my current extracurricular exploration is being fed by a desire to learn more about opportunities available to be involved and active in the local and global communities of under privileged and unheard people of the world.

My desire with media is to be a voice for these people.

The 512project is an idea that is currently under development in my head.  I don’t know where it will lead, but for now that’s all I can say.

What the future holds for my pursuits is uncertain, but I know I can start by educating myself on issues that matter…we all can.


— Eli


One Response to About

  1. Peter Ogle says:

    Nice start on the blog, Eli. The informed, breezy style makes it easy to read. Good links to useful sites, given your theme. You need to develop the site more, however. I have no idea what “5.12project” refers to. Is there a blog post to be written about that? Also get your name and/or bio on the site (under “About”). Learn to embed your links into text so you don’t have to use the clumbsy URLs. That’s easy to do, and will improve the appearance of your post. It’s cool to hear about your internship. What a great opportunity. Score = 9.

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